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Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility

Does your company support volunteerism, community development, helping the disenfranchised,
or are you looking to start a corporate program?

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Media with a Purpose

The term Cause Related Media, is also known as Corporate Social Responsibility or Cause Related Marketing—combining corporate public relations, product marketing and good causes.

Cause Related Media navigates strategically on creating a fit between company and cause. This leveraging connects with the public beyond the traditional unconnected buyer, to form a deeper and long-lasting emotional tie with the consumer. We transform compassion and charitable endeavors into a branding strategy, building positive corporate identity.

On a typical day we might be:

Sending press releases and contacting people in the media who might print or broadcast our words of wisdom;

Arranging and conducting programs to keep organizations  and the public engaged;

Representing employers at community projects;

Making a video;

Teaching Press Release strategies to nonprofit organization;

Preparing reports and writing proposals for various projects;

Engaging social media;

Grabbing a bagel on the run...

Our philosophy strives for a win-win-win outcome — for Company, Cause and Consumer

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